Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Windows 10 Settings you need to update NOW

If you've either purchased a new PC, Notebook or Tablet running Windows 10 or if you've upgraded to the new version of Windows, you've more than likely selected the default or 'express settings' which could put both your privacy and data at risk.

Don't panic, as it is possible to amend these settings to make both your machine more secure and to protect your privacy.

 WiFi Sense 

A new feature in Windows 10, each time you connect to a WiFi network this automatically shares the WiFi password with contacts in your address book, friends on Facebook and Skype contacts, a weakness that could be exploited by hackers.

Friends & Contacts running WIndows 10 will also have their contact details shares with you if they have the feature switched on.

To switch this off - Go to Settings, Network & Internet, Choose WiFi and 'Manage WiFi settings' Switch all options off on this page.

 Default Privacy Settings

The default privacy settings in Windows 10 are set to track your applications usage, your location, Internet Usage, data and typing speed - Microsoft advises that this is used to offer targeted advertising and that your identity is not sent back in this big bundle of data, however put all of this information together and it makes it pretty obvious who you are!

To switch this off - Go to Settings then Privacy and switch these options off within the General, Location and Feedback & Diagnostic Tabs.

Cortana within Microsoft Edge

You may not realise but if you have 'Cortana Assistance' switched on within Microsoft Edge then ALL of your browsing history is being sent back to Microsoft.

To switch this off - Click the settings button in the top right hand corner of Edge and click Advanced Settings, View Advanced Settings and go to ''Privacy and Services' switch off 'Have Cortana Assist Me in Microsoft Edge' along with 'Use page prediction to speed up browsing, improve reading, and make my overall experience better'.

Just a few tweaks you can do right now to make your computer more secure, protect your privacy and also reduce the amount of data used.


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