Sunday, 17 April 2016

Identifying your Graphics Card in Windows 10

It's always good practice to keep your drivers and software up-to date, gamers and graphics will know all to well the important of keeping the graphics drivers up to date!

But how can you check the graphics card/driver currently installed, and where do you go to download the new drivers?

1. Right Click on the Start Menu
2. Click on 'Device Manager'
3. Double Click on 'Display adapters' to show the graphics card installed on your machine.

Once you have identified your graphics card, you can download the appropriate driver from one of the following web sites:


*note if you have an Intel Graphics driver and use a store bought computer (i.e. a HP, Dell etc) that your machine probably uses a customised driver and you'll need to download the driver from the manufuctuers web site - i.e. etc

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