Monday, 21 October 2013

Quick Fix: Menu Bar missing from Task Manager

You may encounter an issue when launching Task Manager whereby the menu bar and icons at the top appear to be missing, to resolve this issue, simply double click the border around Task Manager and all will be restored.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Adobe Reader Freezing when Printing

You may encounter an issue with Adobe Reader X and above whereby the application freezes when attempting to print, the application then needs to be force closed using Task Manager.

This issue can be caused by the introduction of a new feature called 'Protected Mode' which is designed to protect your machine from malicious PDF files, this can whoever cause certain issues such as the one above.

To resolve the issue this mode can be switched off by following the steps below:

Adobe Reader X

1. Launch Adobe Reader
2. From the Edit Menu choose Preferences
3. Choose the General Tab and untick 'Enable Protected Mode at startup'
4. Press OK

Adobe Reader XI

1. Launch Adobe Reader
2. From the Edit Menu choose Preferences
3. Choose the Security (Enhanced) Tab and untick 'Enable Protected Mode'
4. Press OK

You will then need to fully close Adobe Reader and re-open the application, you should then find that you are able to print.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Quick Fix: DCIM Folder Empty when connecting iPhone

You may find that when connecting your iPhone to your PC that the DCIM folder is empty even though the drive shows as having content.

To remedy this:

1. Disconnect your iPhone from the computer
2. Unlock the screen
3. As soon as you see your home screen, reconnect the iPhone to your computer
4. Browse to the DCIM folder, you should now see your files.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Windows Update stuck on Stage 3 of 3 - Configuring Windows

Quick Fix - you may encounter an issue whereby you've installed Windows Updates, and the Windows 7 machine has rebooted and is now stuck on Stage 3 of 3, Configuring Windows.

Simply Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE and you will be presented with the log-in screen and can continue working normally.