Friday, 14 September 2012

Quick Fix: Opening these files might be harmful to y our computer

You may find in Windows 7 that if you are attempting to access files from a network location (such as a zip file) then you receive the prompt below:

Which if you're working with multiple files from a network location, can quickly become an annoyance, this is due to Windows incorrectly classifying a local network location as being in the Internet Zone.

Luckily this is quite easily resolved by making some amendments to the internet security settings, simply follow the steps below:

1. From Control Panel open up Internet Options
2. Click the Security Tab
3. Choose Local intranet and Press the Sites Button
4. Click Advanced
5. From this screen you can then add either the server name that you wish to allow access too, the IP Address or the easiest option - the network drive that you wish to access - so J:\ for instance
6. Press OK and close all Windows

You will now be able to access all files without the annoying pop-up!