Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Where is Control Panel on Windows 8?

I've been doing some testing recently with the newly released Windows 8 Release Preview - so will be posting in the coming weeks with some solutions to the those niggling problems! If you want to test out the Windows 8 Release Preview, please see my earlier entry regarding Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview using Oracle VirtualBox (the same principles apply to installing the Consumer Preview)

First of all - Where on earth is the Control Panel in Windows 8?

A few ways you can retrieve this, first of all the easiest method is to simply start typing Control Panel when on the Windows 8 Start Screen (or Metro Screen if you wish to call it that) this will then show you the option.

Alternatively, if you are in Desktop Mode, move  your mouse to the bottom left hand corner of the screen until you see a pop up appear - reminiscent of the start screen

Right Click on this pop-up image, and you will see a list of administrative options, including Control Panel


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