Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Help, I get a black screen when launching Still Life 2 / Another Application/Game

Just a quick tip, regarding an issue I came across myself recently when trying to launch Still Life 2, every-time I launched the application the screen went black and the monitor turned itself off.

My initial thought was the video driver, however the solution turned out to be one that people overlook all the time, update your Monitor driver!

A lot of the time when setting your monitor up with  your computer it will automatically be recognised as a Plug and Play monitor or Generic Plug and Play monitor, which may be fine, however if using this generic driver the system is not always aware of what resolutions your monitor can and can't handle, in the case of Still Life 2 it was attempting to launch in a resolution that my monitor couldn't cope with so my monitor just turned itself off. A quick trip to www.iiyama.com to download the latest drivers, and hey presto the game launches without issue!

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