Friday, 16 March 2012

Change Windows 7 Logon Screen

In Windows 7 you can change the background of the log-on screen, a nice bit of personalisation that you have to do manually (but is really easy to do)

Just follow the steps below (but always take a copy of your registry first, just in case!)

1. Open up the registry editor
2. Browse to
, double click on key named OEMBackground and change the value to 1

This has now enabled the functionality, typically designed for OEM's to put their mark on the operating system.

3. Browse to the folder %windir%system32\oobe\Info\Backgrounds %windir% refers to your Windows install directory which is typcially C:\Windows

(If the folder does not exist, go ahead and create this)

4. Place a JPG file in the folder that you wish to use as your background, the file will need to be less that 256kb and will be stretched to your screen resolution, so best to use a picture in the correct ratio that matches your screen resolution.

5. Rename the file you wish to use to backgroundDefault.jpg

That's it :-) the screen should now appear whenever you are on the log on screen (why not lock your machine now to see the results!).