Monday, 21 November 2011

Removed a virus - now I've lost my desktop and only have the recycle bin!

You may encounter an issue where you remove a virus from your machine only to discover that you've lost all the icons on your desktop bar the recycle bin, this is due to the virus/spyware applying the 'hidden' attribute to your user profile.

This is however rather easy to get back by following the steps below:

1. Open an explorer window and press the  Alt key to bring up the toolbar.

2. Go into Tool s > Folder options > View and set it to Show Hidden Files.

3. You should now see all your files/folders in C: drive again but they will be greyed out.

4. Select all files and folders, right click and select Properties.

5. Uncheck the Hidden attribute, choose Ok and apply to all files and sub folders.

Voila, after it has finished applying the attributes your desktop will be restored.

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