Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Quick Reference: Running Control Panel Items from the Command Prompt

Lovely as Windows may well be, it's sometimes far easier to run your control panel items from the command prompt, and if you're logged on to a users machine and need to run these as an administator, you can always right click on the command prompt (on the start menu) and choose 'Run As' to open the command prompt as ad admin user.

You can use the handly list below to launch the desired tool:

Accessibility Options - control access.cpl
Add/Remove Programs - control appwiz.cpl
Date/Time Properties - control timedate.cpl
Display Properties - control desk.cpl
Fonts Folder - control fonts
Internet Properties - control inetcpl.cpl
Keyboard Properties - control main.cpl keyboard
Modem Properties - control modem.cpl
Mouse Properties - control main.cpl
Multimedia Properties - control mmsys.cpl
Network Properties -control netcpl.cpl
Password Properties - control password.cpl
Printers Folder - control printers
Regional Settings - control intl.cpl
Scanners and Cameras - control sticpl.cpl
Sound Properties - control mmsys.cpl sounds
System Properties - control sysdm.cpl

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