Friday, 6 May 2011

Print Job stuck Deleting in Queue

I think we've all faced the frustrating situation where a print job seems to be stuck in the print queue, marked deleting or cancelling, you can usually find that by restarting the print spooler or restarting your machine that this clears, however you find that this is not succesful, or in certain situations (such as on a server) you may not be able to restart.

There is however another way of removing the pending corrupt documents from the queue,

1. First of all stop the print spooler - open services.msc from the run dialogue or command prompt
2. Scroll down til you find the print spooler - Right click on the entry and choose stop, you will then receive confirmation that the service is stopping.
3. Next up navigate to the System32 directory on your machine (this is typically c:\windows\system32) and look for the SPOOL folder, and delete all of the items inside this folder (if the print spooler service has stopped correctly you should have no problems)
4. Return to the services window, right click on the printer spooler and choose START, you will now receive confirmation that the service is starting.

You should now find that the corrupt document has been removed from your print queue.

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