Thursday, 19 May 2011

Quick Fix - Lotus Notes: An Error was Encountered While Opening a Window

When closing Lotus Notes (or if notes has crashed) and re-opening the software, you may receive the following message 'An error was encountered while opening a window' preventing you from using the Software.

There is a quick fix for this however:

1. Close Lotus Notes
2. Open Task Manager by right clicking the task bar and clicking Task Manager
3. Choose Processes
4. Find and select ntaskldr.exe
5. End the process
6. Close Task Manager

You should now be able to open Lotus Notes as normal.

Quick Fix: Sent Items not appearing in Sent Items Folder

You may find in Microsoft Outlook that sent items have stopped appearing in the 'Sent Items' folder

A quick fix is available to resolve this issue:

1. Click Tools > Options > E-Mail Options
2. Untick 'Save Copies of messages in Sent Items Folder'
3. Click OK then OK to save the settings
4. Click File > Exit to leave Outlook
5. Open Outlook once again
6. Click Tools > Options > E-Mail Options
7. Tick 'Save Copies of messages in Sent Items Folder'
8. Click OK then OK to save the settings
You should now find that sent items are appearing in the sent folder as normal.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Quick Tip: Print Screen on a Dual Monitor Setup

If you are working on a system with 2 or more monitors you will find that when pressing PRINT SCRN to take a screen dump, that the images from both monitors are copied to the clipboard.

If you just want the output of your primary monitor simply holding down ALT while pressing PRINT SCRN will achieve this .

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Delegation Error - Cannot activate send-on-behalf-of list

You may receive the following error message when trying to amend delegate permissions in Outlook:

'The Delegates settings were not saved correctly.
Unable to activate send-on-behalf-of list.
You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object'

In order to resolve this you need to give Write Personal Information permission to the SELF account on the user who is trying to add the delegate. To do this, follow these steps:-

1. Log on to your mail server
2. Open Active Directory Users and Computers (run dsa.msc from Start > Run) and choose Advanced Features from the View menu.
3. Expand your domain and then locate the user’s Organisational Unit (OU).
4. In the right pane, right-click the user who is experiencing the delegate issue, and then click Properties.
5. Click the Security tab, locate the SELF account, and then click Write Personal Information .
Make sure the Write permissions check box is selected, and then click OK

You should now find that you are able to amend the delegate permissions.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Print Job stuck Deleting in Queue

I think we've all faced the frustrating situation where a print job seems to be stuck in the print queue, marked deleting or cancelling, you can usually find that by restarting the print spooler or restarting your machine that this clears, however you find that this is not succesful, or in certain situations (such as on a server) you may not be able to restart.

There is however another way of removing the pending corrupt documents from the queue,

1. First of all stop the print spooler - open services.msc from the run dialogue or command prompt
2. Scroll down til you find the print spooler - Right click on the entry and choose stop, you will then receive confirmation that the service is stopping.
3. Next up navigate to the System32 directory on your machine (this is typically c:\windows\system32) and look for the SPOOL folder, and delete all of the items inside this folder (if the print spooler service has stopped correctly you should have no problems)
4. Return to the services window, right click on the printer spooler and choose START, you will now receive confirmation that the service is starting.

You should now find that the corrupt document has been removed from your print queue.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Quick Fix: Office Button not working while using Dameware

If using Dameware to work on a users machine, you may find you have issues using the Office button in Office 2007, this is easily remedied:

Simply go to view menu in Dameware, and ensure 'Disable Show Transparent Windows' is switched off and you will find the Office button now functions correctly.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Quick Reference: Running Control Panel Items from the Command Prompt

Lovely as Windows may well be, it's sometimes far easier to run your control panel items from the command prompt, and if you're logged on to a users machine and need to run these as an administator, you can always right click on the command prompt (on the start menu) and choose 'Run As' to open the command prompt as ad admin user.

You can use the handly list below to launch the desired tool:

Accessibility Options - control access.cpl
Add/Remove Programs - control appwiz.cpl
Date/Time Properties - control timedate.cpl
Display Properties - control desk.cpl
Fonts Folder - control fonts
Internet Properties - control inetcpl.cpl
Keyboard Properties - control main.cpl keyboard
Modem Properties - control modem.cpl
Mouse Properties - control main.cpl
Multimedia Properties - control mmsys.cpl
Network Properties -control netcpl.cpl
Password Properties - control password.cpl
Printers Folder - control printers
Regional Settings - control intl.cpl
Scanners and Cameras - control sticpl.cpl
Sound Properties - control mmsys.cpl sounds
System Properties - control sysdm.cpl