Monday, 18 April 2011

Installing Flash Player without Adobe DLM (Adobe Download Manager)

You may have found that when trying to install Adobe Flash Player and indeed other pieces of software from the Adobe stable, that you are forced to use their Download Manager to do this, this however can cause problems particularly if you are trying to use the Run As dialogue.

There is a way of downloading the software manually, though Adobe do keep this well hidden, simple follow the following steps:

1. Go to the Adobe Flash Player Help and Support page at
2. Click on 'Windows Troubleshooting'
3. Click on 'Download Flash Player with the manual installer'
4. Choose the appropiate version of Flash Player for your system (i.e. ActiveX for Internet Explorer or others if you are Running Firefox or Google Chrome)
5. This will then download the appropriate version of the software for your system without using the Adobe Download Manager.
6. Simply run the downloaded file to install this on your system.

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