Saturday, 2 April 2011

Identifying and Updating your Video Drivers

Having problems with your favourite game? Playing Video and finding things aren't looking how they should? It may be time to update your video driver. Luckily this is quite a straightforward process but one many people neglect to complete, you may find after doing this your games look much better and perform at a better frame rate, you may even find that your machine runs a bit faster, it's amazing how many parts of your system this can affect.

First of all we need to identify what video card is installed on your system, to do this:

1. Right Click on My Computer (For many users this will be on your desktop, for Windows Vista/7 users you can also find this on the Start menu).
2. Click Properties
3. For Windows Vista/7 users click the Device Manager button the left hand side of your screen, for Windows XP users you will need to click the hardware tab to see the Device Manager Button. This should display a screen similar to the one below

4. Click the drop-down arrow next to Display adapters, and this will display the name and model number of your Video Card, write this down you'll need this.
5. If you want to see how old your driver is, right click on the entry, choose properties and click on driver.

So now that we've identified your Video Card, you just need to download and install your new driver, so using the information we've obtained so far you need to visit the website of your Video Card manufacturer, I have enclosed links to the most popular below. These links will take you directly to the download pages of the manufacturer.


Please note if you are using a Dell PC, you may not be able to download drivers directly from Intel, in this case you will need to visit the support pages of the Dell website to download the appropiate driver.

Once you are on the appropiate website, enter your video card and operating system details (i.e. Windows XP/Vista/7) and download the new driver.

Running the downloaded file should then take you through a relatively painless installation procedure, after which you will be prompted to restart your machine, and your drivers are updated.

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