Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Choosing and Remembering a Password

One of the biggest gripes that people seem to complain of, almost on a daily basis is passwords. It seems to be that we have so many nowadays, coupled with the fact that we have to change them every few weeks or so, and also the complexity requirements that many of them have, but how can we choose an easy to remember but hard to guess  password?

I always advise people to think of a phrase, a favourite quote or favourite song for example, and choose the first letter of each word, and use numbers and or capitals/small letters where appropriate.  For instance, you could use 2 instead of 'to' and you could capitalise a country or name, if there are no obvious places to use a number in the phrase, use something memorable such as the month of your birthday, or the year you were born.

For example you could use 'The Rain in Spain is mainly on the plane' as your phrase, and as a memorable number your birthday is in March, so in this case your password would be 'triSimotp3' (with the 'S' capitalised as the country name).

So there we have a it, a password you won't forget in a hurry that will be more difficult for others to guess.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Finding the Model/Serial Number of your PC

Ever been asked to find the model/serial number of your PC? There is a very simple of way of obtaining this information.

Bring up a command prompt -

On Windows XP systems click Start, Run and type CMD in the box that appears followed by the Enter key.

On Windows Vista/7 Click Start, Type CMD in the Search Programs and Files box followed by the Enter key.

Enter one of the following command lines, followed by the enter key -

To get the serial number of your machine: wmic bios get serial number

To retrieve the model number: wmic csproduct getname

This will then bring up the required information for you.